The 11th Bedford Festival Fringe is over! And the results are coming in…

This is where we will post various bits & pieces about the festival. Scroll down for sales stats and much more!

Spirit of The Fringe Award:
Juliette Burton: Butterfly Effect

Pick of The Fringe Award:
Tree Shadow Theatre Company: Waving Goodbye

“We had such a great time at Bedfringe and have been raving about it to everyone we know already. Thank you so much for the friendly, supportive and professional treatment we received. We can’t wait to come back another time!” Shadow Tree Theatre Company (Waving Goodbye)

“Bedfringe is always a festival at which I take huge pleasure to perform and be a part. The whole team is so friendly and supportive, I always look forward to rocking on up there!” Juliette Burton 

“My thanks and admiration to you both keeping live entertainment at the helm in Bedford” KRISGAR Entertainments

Bedfringe Data Collection:

Number of days: 2.5 (+ events running Friday evening)
Number of venues: 4 (Main Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Gallery & Garden Stage)
Number of events: 45
Number of free events: 13
Number of tickets issued or sold: 1,213
Average attendance per ticketed event: 38 (27 in 2016)
Number of performers: Aprox 200
Number of Edinburgh previews: 15
Cash raised for Autism Bedfordshire: £421.54
Front of House volunteer hours (21st – 23rd July): 252
Number of miles our Director walked: 12.7
Number of miles our Co Director walked: 13.6
Number of miles our Theatre Intern walked: 24.5
Number of miles our Marketing Guru walked: 5.6 (looks like marketing is the industry to be in)

Page impressions counted ( home page only):
21st – 23rd July = 3,783 (6,048 in 2016 – Note: 10 day festival)
1st Jan – 23rd July = 84,783 (34,183 in 2016 – Note: 10 day festival)

Reads of digital brochure: 4,317 (3,516 in 2016 – Note: 10 day festival )
102,688 impressions counted each time it was displayed to a user (91,563 in 2016 – Note: 10 day festival)

Sold out shows:
The Best of Castle Comedy
Juliette Burton: Butterfly Effect
Wind in The Willows