The 13th Bedford Festival Fringe is over! And the results are coming in…

Spirit of The Fringe Award:
Ana Luiza Ulsig: The Journey of a Warlike Mind

Pick of The Fringe Award:
Lucy Theobald: The Duck

Bedfringe Data Collection:

Number of days: 13
Number of venues: 6
Number of events: 155
Number of free events: 24
Number of tickets issued or sold: 4,006 (1,849 in 2018)
Average attendance per ticketed event: 30.5 (47 in 2018)
Number of performers: Estimated at 320
Number of Edinburgh previews: 36
Cash raised for Autism Bedfordshire: £373.05 (£1,200 in 2018)
Front of House volunteer hours (13th – 27th July): TBC
Number of miles our Director walked: 59.1
Page impressions counted ( home page only):
15th – 27th July = 9,319 (5,467 in 2018)
1st April – 27th July = 37,593 (50,497 in 2018)

Reads of digital brochure: 13,708 (4,023 in 2018)

Sold out shows:
ROOM (For 1)
ROOM (For 2)
Chioce Grenfell
The Best of Castle Comedy
The Amazing Bubble Man
Laura Lexx: Knee Jerk
Ivo Graham: The Game of Life
Foget Me Not: The Alzheimer’s Whodunnit
That’s How The Light Gets In
Jonny & The Baptists: Love Bedford, Hate Bastards
Robin Boot’s Rockomedy: Punderstruck
John Robertson’s: The Dark Room
David Alnwick: Actual Magic