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Applications to the 2021 festival are now open!

Application deadline: 10th May, 2021

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Got any questions before you apply? Read on!


The Quarry Theatre opened its doors to public performances in October and December last year, so they are set-up as a covid secure space.  As social distancing will be in place at the time of going on sale (by end of April), we will be putting all ticketed events into the main auditorium at a cap of 45.  If restrictions are going to be relaxed from 21st June, we will look at increasing the cap and moving any studio shows into this space.

My show is online / digital.

That’s fine with us! We would be more than happy to have some digital events in our 2021 programme and can help you to sell ‘Zoom’ tickets like we would a regular live performance.

Can I perform with a socially distanced audience and broadcast my show to a wider audience?

The Quarry Theatre has broadcast equipment available to use in either the studio or main space. Please get in contact with us to discuss in detail your requirements.

Where is Bedfringe?

Established in 2007, Bedfringe is Bedford’s pre Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s one of the last of the UK fringes before the big event. Bedford is just off the M1 (junction 13 from the south and 14 from the north via A422) about 60miles north of London. 45mins on the train from St Pancras.

“Bedfringe is a little ripper of a festival. We had an awesome time performing here”AUNTY DONNA

What are the 2021 Bedfringe venues?

This year the festival will take place in The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s ( At the Quarry Theatre there is a main auditorium (seats up to 262 in full courtyard layout but can be configured to 200 or 88), Garden Stage (generally for live music) and a studio theatre (cap at 50). Events start (ideally) on the hour and time slots are set to 60mins (negotiable). More information about the Quarry spaces can be found in the venues section of this website or by visiting The Quarry Theatre website.

How do the time slots work?

Events start (ideally) on the hour and time slots are set to 60mins (negotiable). For example, at The Quarry Theatre the main house events will start at 11am with that last one at 10.00pm. In the studio, the first event will start at 12noon with the final at 10pm. There is an hour gap between each event up to 6pm with the gap shortening to 30mins beyond this.

What are you looking for?

Like most fringe festivals around the world we are looking for performance based work but we are open to suggestions. Please use the 2021 application form to apply. We don’t have an artistic director here at Bedfringe so all work will be considered for the 2021 programme.

“You were a genuine delight. I haven’t enjoyed a show to that extent in quite a while, enormous thanks” ★★★★★ MORGAN & WEST

How much does it cost to perform with you?

There is no registration charge to perform at the festival. A % cut of the door is awarded to Bedfringe. There is also small box office commission charge (usually 2%).

Does the venue have props, set and furniture I can use?

Unlikely. You need to be totally self-contained when it comes to things like this. We may be able to lend a chair or small bench from the foyer or front of house areas.

Do I need to pay for a technician to operate my show?

A Bedfringe technician will be on hand during your visit to the festival. They are there to operate a simple light and or sound plot. Any more complex plots may require a paid technician which you must cover. Our 2021 rates are £25 per hour.

“A delightful festival – warm audiences, fabulous venues and a lovely team. What more could you want?” LILI LA SCALA

What about box office and front of house?

Bedfringe will manage your box office and make sure your event has the appropriate front of house staff including fire marshals.

Is there onsite parking?

Quarry Theatre performers will have to use council car parks or other areas close by (St Peter’s Street car park is 5mins walk from the venue). Parking is free after 6pm. You can however, unload and pick-up using the Quarry Theatre forecourt. There are also two disabled parking spaces available on this forecourt.

“This is our first time performing in the UK. We have played many fringe festivals running up to our Edinburgh debut. Bedfringe has been the most fun and the staff have made us feel very welcome. We are sad to end our run with you” ★★★★★ THE DRUM TRIBE

Can I perform my show elsewhere before Bedfringe?

Performances in the 2021 programme must not be repeated in any other venue or festival less than 20 miles from your Bedfringe venue up to 2 months prior to the contracted performance.

What’s the application deadline?

You need to have applied before 10th May, 2021. 

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