Welcome To The 9th Bedford Festival Fringe!

“You were a genuine delight. I haven’t enjoyed a show to that extent in quite a while, enormous thanks” ★★★★★ MORGAN & WEST

“This is our first time performing in the UK. We have played many fringe festivals running up to our Edinburgh debut. Bedfringe has been the most fun and the staff have made us feel very welcome. We are sad to end our run with you” ★★★★★ THE DRUM TRIBE

“One of the warmest rooms I have played for a long time!” BOB MILLS (Not a temperature reference!)

“I know you have lots of acts to choose from, but if I could come back next year I would love to” ★★★★★ IVO GRAHAM

“Be proud, James, Fi and the lovely Bedringe team for warmly welcoming a record number of ‘fringers’ to the beautiful new theatre for the most remarkable programme of events in 9 innovative years! Big congratulations! …. And how do you follow that for the 10th anniversary in 2016?” AUDIENCE MEMBER

“Thoroughly enjoyed Bedfringe – managed to squeeze in 13 shows!Amazing talent across multiple genres.Will miss it next week!” AUDIENCE MEMBER

“Best Bedfringe ever!!! Well done James and the whole team!!” AUDIENCE MEMBER

“Feeling bereft now Bedfringe is over! Ended up attending events on 7 out of the 10 days but would have been there every day had I not had prior engagements!!! Again, can’t say enough about the quality and diversity of performances. Well done to James and the Bedfringe team for putting together such an eclectic programme of entertainment. Thrilled we now have The Quarry as an arts venue – will definitely be joining you all next year and be looking forward to what is on offer throughout the year!” AUDIENCE MEMBER

“Congratulations on a spectacular festival. You should be very proud” AUDIENCE MEMBER

“The whole of Bedford is proud of you and team Bedfringe James. Top work” BEDFORD FILM FESTIVAL

“Well done to you and the team – you must be exhausted. Fantastic James Pharaoh, you have done so much for Bedford Art scene” AUDIENCE MEMBER

Latest news:

Bedfringe has closed. It has been amazing! More info to follow. Many thanks to everybody who has seen a show, sponsored etc. You have been incredible. Record ticket sales. Fab venue. Now to sleep! xxx

Sold out shows:
An Old Fashioned Girl
The Best of Castle Comedy
Philadelphia (27th July)
Patrick Monahan
Kev Sutherland’s Comic Book Masterclass
The Dark Room II
Heloise & Abelard: A Story Telling Performance
Shakespeare Untold: Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare Untold: Titus Andronicus
Shakespeare Untold: Double Bill tickets
Aunty Donna (standby tickets available)
Jack The Ripper: Facts, No Fiction
Gein’s Family Giftshop
Joel Dommett
Ivo Graham (standby tickets available)

Our digital brochure can be read here!

From the 23rd July to 1st August 2015 we will be running over 90 events from Bedford School’s brand new town centre based theatre, The Quarry Theatre at St Luke’s. We are hosting a wide range of events such as comedy, live music, theatre, dance, spoken word, film, workshops and poetry. We have acts as far as China, USA and South Africa visiting our town as well as home-grown talent.

For more information about The Quarry Theatre, visit our Venue page. So what are you waiting for? Click on What’s On to find out more!

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